Rank C Element Fire Move Type Magic MP Cost 29MP
Range All allies Power 0 Power Type N/A Seed Beast Eyeshroom
In-Game Description Defense down-Attack up, all, MG

Vritra is a Fire-type magic spell from Jade Cocoon 2. It inflicts a stronger Berserk status on every member of your party than the Ability Berserk, increasing Attack (Strength/Wisdom) by 50%, whilst dropping Defence (Vitality/Spirit) by 50%.

The effect of Vritra can be stacked with Ramak family spells for devastating attack power, but it can also be stacked with opponents using Samak family spells to further reduce your low defences, so this ability is advised to be used with caution.

[note to self - Check if Selham family spells remove Berserk status]