PS1 Button Select
Rank B Element Wind Move Type Magic MP Cost 43MP
Range Single Power 0 Power Type N/A Seed Beast Helskelter
In-Game Description Petrify gradually, MG

Ad Roqua is a Wind-type magic spell from Jade Cocoon 2 that can inflict the gradual petrify status condition. It works very similarly to the magic of the same name from the first game, petrifying an opponent after 3 turns.

It has a 50% success rate and once petrified, the Divine Beast in question cannot act at all, but can still be damaged and even killed.

The magic Saskand can also inflict the petrify status, albeit instant petrification (á la Ad Roquide) with a 50% success rate.

If there is a beast under the Cover status condition, it will protect the beast being targeted. An inflicted beast can be healed by a Selahm-type spell, Softening Book, Heal Book and Healing Book.

Helskelter and Wellern have an additional 25% and 50% resistance to petrify, respectively. The ability Petrify Guard adds 100% petrify resistance to the Divine Beast (as well as 50% resistance to poison and stun). The abilities Resist Poison and Resist Stun both add a 50% resistance to petrify, as well as other resistances. The ability Water Power adds 40% resistance to petrify, as well as all other status conditions.

Move SeriesEdit

SAd Roquide
BAd Roqua