Knowledge 1 Edit

"A stone tablet leans against the base of a rock."

Knowledge 2 Edit

"Inside a broken rock a stone tablet remains intact."

Knowledge 3 Edit

"A tablet has fallen under the arm of a statue with a strange expression on its face."

Knowledge 4 Edit

"A tablet has fallen onto the flagstones below."

Knowledge 5 Edit

"A tablet with teeth half-covered with dirt."

Magic Usage 1 Edit

"A tablet rests against the statue of a dragonfly."

Magic Usage 2 Edit

Merging 1 Edit

"An abandoned tablet lies at the edge of the clearing."

Merging 2 Edit

"A tablet lies on the ground. It appears to have been pierced by a spear."

Merging 3 Edit

Secret 1 Edit

Secret 2 Edit

Secret 3 Edit

Secret Of Killing Edit

Divine Tablet Edit

"A tablet of mysterious color lies partially hidden."

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