Status is the current condition of a Minion or Divine Beast and in the first game, Levant. Certain bosses (Minions and otherwise) can also be inflicted with a status. The effect of those statuses are called Status Effects.

Statuses can be split into two categories: Positive and Negative. Positive statuses are ones that have an advantageous effect on yourself, your beasts or your opponents, such as healing over a certain amount of turns. Negative statuses are ones that have an disadvantageous effect on yourself, your beasts or your opponents, such as being poisoned and therefore, taking damage every turn.

Some statuses are more potent that others, even within the same type of status. In some cases, even positive statuses can have a downside to them.

Jade Cocoon: Story Of The Tamamayu Edit

There are only a handful of statuses in the first game, and can also be inflicted on Levant, enemy Minions and Bosses. Pure Minions who have status-inflicting moves are naturally immune (or very close to) to those specific statuses, but not neccessarily after merging, due to the combination of both Minions Damage Modifiers. Other Pure Minions can also be immune or highly resistance, even if they don't have any status-inflicting moves, such as Kolna.

Poison Edit

When poisoned, a minion or Levant take damage at the start of every one of their turns.

Sleep Edit

When inflicted, a minion or Levant cannot act.

Flesh-To-Stone Edit

When successfully inflicted, after a certain amount of turns, a minion or Levant will turn to stone.

Instant Death Edit

A minion or Levant are killed instantly. Treated as a status when inflicted, then treated as a normal death afterwards.

Jade Cocoon 2 Edit






Gradual Petrify


Skill Stop