Rank A Element Fire Move Type Skill MP Cost 47MP
Range Single+ Power 40 Power Type Attack Seed Beast Chamiluna
In-Game Description May damage BeastHunter too, SK

Skewer is a Fire-type Skill in Jade Cocoon 2.

Though not massively powerful, it's main objective is to try and damage the BeastHunter as well as the center beast. It has a 20% chance of doing so, even if it misses against the center beast.

Skewer has an efficiency of 86.1 attack per 100MP.

If Skewer would hit the BeastHunter, and a Divine Beast has the Cover status condition, it will protect the BeastHunter and take the same amount of damage as the center beast takes, where applicable. If Skewer misses the BeastHunter, the covering Divine Beast will protect the center beast and take reduced damage as usual.

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