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Levant Seterian

Levant facing Seterian

Basic Intel

ID: 2F

Species growth rates

Attack 170 Defense 120
Magic Attack 130 Magic defense 120
Speed 80 6th stat 0

Damage Modifiers

Fire 30 Air 15
Earth 15 Water 15
Poison 0 Sleep 0
Flesh-To-Stone 0 Instant Death/Critical 0
Absorption 16 Standard Attacks 10

Appearance in the story

Seterian is the minion of the Wind Boss. Its Level is 18. Sometimes it drops a Tendai Uyaku.

In battle

Uses a sleep attack, his hidden air spell and the hidden healing spell. It also uses another physical attack, Claw - Wind Attack, as the only one of the Netherworld bosses' minions (besides Cushidra). It can deal much damage even to pure fire minions because of the high attack grow rate and the locked air arena property.

Hints on defeating this boss

Use a minion with a low sleep Damage Modifier like Dogle or some Mirrors of Deva to avoid falling asleep. Also use fire or air attacks.

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