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Poll #1 - What is your favourite minion? (by Naali) Edit


Poll #1 - What is your favourite minion?

Well, who doesn't like the lil' dragon you even get for free at the start. Arpatron wins the poll with an absolute majority.

Bad news for Sherick, Tweengo and Klarrgas: only none to one vote each. Too hard to merge? Too hard to defeat? Who knows.

Dark Arpi got at least 3 votes. Personally I thought it would be more popular.

Your merges though reached rank #2 with 13 votes. It's still a miracle, isn't it? There's so much feasible if you can unite your minions to an even more adorable beast.

Rank #3 to any other minion, 6 votes. Okay, "everything else" is a lot.

PS: I, too voted in the poll, but none of the ranks #1 to #3. Won't tell which one though!

Alright, doing a poll like this isn't too easy. There are way too many minions to list every one. Listing Arpi first is like a crime, too. Mostly you'd think like "yes, I like it" and vote for it. Nominate some for the next time maybe, like 5-10 ones?

Anyways, the next poll will be about your minions' elements. €: canceled. Instead we'll poll Eternal Corridor bosses.

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No new polls were posted in this year.

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Poll #3 - What is your favourite main game boss? (by CocoonMasterInity) Edit

Poll 3 - Which is your favourite main game boss?

This was an obvious poll to make, seeing as how awesome the boss battles are in this game! The clear winner was the battle with The Chosen One of Dark & Cushidra. I would have thought the other disciples of darkness would have gotten more votes, but alas, it was not to be!

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Poll #4 - Do you like the new theme? (by CocoonMasterInity) Edit

Poll 4 - Do you like the new theme?

This was a required poll to determine what people thought about the new theme. It turns out that people really liked it by a clear vote of confidence. I thought it was good to change things up so people stay interested, as we tend to get used to things very quickly. I'm looking to change the theme every 6 months or so personally, but we'll see!