A patch is an update of sorts for games that have experienced glitches, bugs or has not been received by consumers in it's intended state. In addition, they can serve as adding extra bits of data, new content and to improve stability or loading times, etc.

Only one patch currently exists for the Jade Cocoon series.

Jade Cocoon 2: Complete EditionEdit

Jade Cocoon 2 Complete Edition is a patch to the game developed by hunkster2.

It can be applied in two ways: a PPF patch can be applied to an ISO of the game disc, or codes can be entered manually into a cheat device.

Features Edit

(Note: the following are for version 2 of the patch.)

  • Unlocks two eggs (Deprolcoch and Deradrackich)
  • Unlocks nine seed beasts:
    • Ginunga
    • Bladetail
    • Niloper
    • Niralhorn
    • Spikeyfish
    • Dumbler
    • Casadero
    • Delapon
    • Nugatiran
  • 4 Kalma eggs and Drackich egg now synthable
  • For USA players, adds text corrections
  • Two new Luch beast fights: Teraluch and Calicocatluch

Links Edit

Read-mes are available from the ROMHacking links.

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