This list contains all 71 (39 in the japanese version) obtainable minions within the main story of Jade Cocoon: Story Of The Tamamayu.

Sherick & Tweengo, both are of which are secret minions are not obtainable in the usual way in-game and can instead, be obtained by merging certain minions together. They are listed here as the minions needed to merge them all appear within the main story.

* = Not in the japanese version of the game (Tamamayu Monogatari).

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Minion Name Image Element Location
Forests of Parel
Arpatron ApaMini Water Beetle
Vatolka VatolkaMini All Beetle
Skawasp* SkawaspMini Air Beetle
Pataimel PataimelMini Fire Beetle
Skaeeb* SkaeebMini Air Beetle
Patalchu PatalchuMini Fire Beetle
Patash* PatashMini Fire Beetle
Mukhambu MukhambuMini Water Beetle
Skwoot* SkwootMini Air Beetle
Nushab NushabMini Fire Beetle
Marrdreg MarrdregMini Air Beetle
Terfrayd* TerfraydMini Earth Beetle
Teralco* File:TeralcoMini.png Earth Dragonfly
Hiralco File:HiralcoMini.png Air Dragonfly
Riggu File:RigguMini.png Earth Dragonfly
Ohma* File:OhmaMini.png Water Dragonfly
Ojiae File:OjiaeMini.png Water Dragonfly
Frey* File:FreyMini.png Fire Dragonfly
Maskhira File:MaskhiraMini.png Air Dragonfly
Terbeker* File:TerbekerMini.png Earth Dragonfly
Doglchu File:DoglchuMini.png Water Spider
Patakuga* File:PatakugaMini.png Fire Spider
Radoimel File:RadoimelMini.png Earth Spider
Radmole* File:RadmoleMini.png Water Spider
Rugdogle File:RugdogleMini.png Earth Spider
Radgore* File:RadgoreMini.png Water Spider
Doghambu File:DoghambuMini.png Air Spider
Tergrip* File:TergripMini.png Earth Spider
Rashab File:RashabMini.png Fire Spider
Skwmoaj* File:SkwmoajMini.png Air Spider
Maryen File:MaryenMini.png Earth Spider
Embla* File:EmblaMini.png Water Spider
Nevan* File:NevanMini.png Air Spider
Yoalk File:YoalkMini.png Fire Spider
Shulia* File:ShuliaMini.png Air Moth
Asha File:AshaMini.png Fire Moth
Raddlchu File:RaddlchuMini.png Earth Moth
Radtodon* File:RadtodonMini.png Water Moth
Patbaran* File:PatbaranMini.png Fire Moth
Raddreg File:RaddregMini.png Water Moth
Netherworld Forests
Srikarta File:SrikartaMini.png Water Beetle
Swav* File:SwavMini.png Fire Beetle
Patmanty* File:PatmantyMini.png Fire Beetle
Skwimel File:SkwimelMini.png Water Beetle
Patdreg File:PatdregMini.png Fire Beetle
Hackaroo* File:HackarooMini.png Air Beetle
Dogle File:DogleMini.png Fire Dragonfly
Skarunga* File:SkarungaMini.png Air Dragonfly
Amasag* File:AmasagMini.png Water Dragonfly
Hirasag File:HirasagMini.png Earth Dragonfly
Geenwee File:GeenweeMini.png Water Dragonfly
Karn* File:KarnMini.png Fire Dragonfly
Mugoo File:MugooMini.png Earth Dragonfly
Zulmoo* File:ZulmooMini.png Water Dragonfly
Spiral* File:SpiralMini.png Fire Spider
Jirahl File:JirahlMini.png Water Spider
Uglam File:UglamMini.png Air Spider
Turen* File:TurenMini.png Earth Spider
Terhambu File:TerhambuMini.png Earth Spider
Dogpara* File:DogparaMini.png Water Spider
Noobwee File:NoobweeMini.png Earth Spider
Robun* File:RobunMini.png Water Spider
Carmine* File:CarmineMini.png Fire Spider
Mukshab File:MukshabMini.png Water Spider
Berbansa File:BerbansaMini.png Air Spider
Tragaron* File:TragaronMini.png Earth Spider
Secret Minions
Sherick File:SherickMini.png Fire N/A
Tweengo File:TweengoMini.png Water N/A

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