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Mu is a character in Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu and Jade Cocoon 2. She is a Nagi Maiden, tasked by Ni, to provide services to Levant after arriving at the Temple of Kemuel. She presides over the Chamber of Goods on the right-hand side of the door, and caters for all Yan-based transactions from that point onwards. She is also Koris' niece.

Mu presides over the Battle Arena, bearing witness to victory and defeat. She provides colorful commentary on everything in the arena except for who wins and loses.


Mu has a large selection of items on offer; including every purchasable weapon from Yajako, a few mid-late game armor sets, and a selection of accessories. Her collection expands to every purchasable item in the game upon completion of the main story.

Netherworld EquipmentEdit

Upon arrival at the Temple of Kemuel, these items are available from Mu's Weapon section:

Name Price
Knife Knife 50 Yan
Knife Dagger 100 Yan
Sword Bronze Sword 500 Yan
Knife Sword of Speed 800 Yan
Long Sword Iron Sword 1000 Yan
Knife Little Bird 2000 Yan
Long Sword Blue Phantom 10000 Yan
Samurai Sword Spring Blossom 80000 Yan
Cloth Silver Vest 1200 Yan
Cloth Nagi Garb 10000 Yan
Cloth Navy Blue Garb 15000 Yan
Cloth Forest Garb 20000 Yan
Accessoire Leather Headband 100 Yan
Accessoire Iron Headband 500 Yan
Accessoire Silver Headband 1500 Yan
Accessoire Sparrow Ruff 500 Yan
Accessoire Iron Bracelet 500 Yan
Accessoire Silver Crown 500 Yan
Accessoire Holly Ruff 500 Yan

Eternal Corridor EquipmentEdit

After finishing the main story, these items are added to Mu's Weapon section:

Name Price
Spear Aquazor 400 Yan
Axe Iron Axe 1000 Yan
Sword Life Stealer 1500 Yan
Spear White Horn 1900 Yan
Spear Whistler 3100 Yan
Sword Nightglow 3500 Yan
Spear Thunderbolt 10000 Yan
Sword Tsunami 10000 Yan
Samurai Sword Icicle 999990 Yan
Cloth Hunter's Vest 50 Yan
Cloth Leather Vest 100 Yan
Cloth Chain Mail Vest 300 Yan
Cloth Wire Vest 500 Yan
Cloth Plate Mail Vest 600 Yan
Cloth Reflecting Vest 2000 Yan
Cloth Divine Vest 2000 Yan
Cloth Riketz' Garb 2000 Yan
Cloth Bloody Garb 100 Yan
Accessoire Blue Bead 400 Yan
Accessoire Green Bead 400 Yan
Accessoire Yellow Bead 400 Yan
Accessoire Red Bead 400 Yan
Accessoire Poison Choker 700 Yan
Accessoire Sleep Choker 700 Yan
Accessoire Stone Choker 700 Yan
Accessoire Super Choker 1000 Yan


Upon arrival at the Temple of Kemuel, these items are available from Mu's Supplies section:

Name Price
Item Mugwort Mugwort 15 Yan
Item Mugwort Meta-Mugwort 50 Yan
Item Mugwort Bitter Mugwort 500 Yan
Item Liquor Shab Liquor 50 Yan
Item Liquor Fine Liquor 100 Yan
Item Liquor Excellent Liquor 200 Yan
Item Tendai Uyaku Tendai Uyaku 1500 Yan
Item Powder Valerian Powder 10 Yan
Item Powder Ikari Powder 50 Yan
Item Ring Ring of Venom 70 Yan
Item Ring Ring of Sleep 100 Yan
Item Ring Ring of Stoning 300 Yan
Item Ring Ring of Death 500 Yan
Item Mirror Mirror of Deva 500 Yan
Item Pouch Urvy's Blessing 200 Yan
Item Pouch Vary's Blessing 200 Yan
Item Pouch Agni's Blessing 200 Yan
Item Pouch Malty's Blessing 200 Yan
Item Seal Urvy's Seal 1 200 Yan
Item Seal Urvy's Seal 2 300 Yan
Item Seal Vary's Seal 1 200 Yan
Item Seal Vary's Seal 2 300 Yan
Item Seal Agni's Seal 1 200 Yan
Item Seal Agni's Seal 2 300 Yan
Item Seal Malty's Seal 1 200 Yan
Item Seal Malty's Seal 2 300 Yan
Item Powder Sleep Spores 500 Yan

Battle Arena QuotesEdit

Jade Cocoon: Story of the TamamayuEdit

Mu has a wide variety of things to say in the arena. All of her dialogue lines ignore the option for disabling speech while fighting there.

Quote Conditions
"It seems you are gauging each others moves." Both players' Minions are using Defend.
"Such overwhelming power! The minion has fallen with one fatal blow!" A Minion is KO'd from full HP, including death by Ad Mumuls.
"The minion is gravely wounded." A Minion is reduced to below 50% HP.
"It is breathing heavily, and could keel over at anytime." A Minion is reduced to below 10% HP.
"Is the fight over? It looks like that is it for this minion. It has fallen and cannot get up!" A Minion is KO'd as a result of two or more attacks.
"Poison! The minion looks dizzy." A Minion is poisoned.
"Oh no, it is falling asleep! This could be dangerous. It is like a helpless fish on a chopping block!"</span> A Minion is put to sleep.
"The minion is being turned into stone! It is spreading fast. This could be fatal if it is not healed!" A Minion is afflicted with Flesh to Stone.
"A change of elemental properties! What an exciting move. What will happen now!?" A Deva-type spell is used.
"I cannot take my eyes off this thrilling battle!" Seemingly random, but happens roughly every 10 turns. The line will play twice if the minion being attacked is using Defend, and it is their turn next.
"Oh my, it dodged the blow! No damage taken." A move misses. This does not include All Enemies being used against Winged posture minions.
"The player has switched minions! A new minion has entered the arena!" A Minion is switched out.
"A direct hit! Oh, that had to hurt!" The attacking Minion scores a critical hit. (Note; Not the attack Critical, that remains untested.)
"What a close fight! Finally a decision has been reached. Well done!" A 3v3 fight is won with only one Minion left standing.
"Another loss! The fight has been decided before the third round. Too bad! I was even rooting for you!" A 3v3 fight is won in 3 turns.

Jade Cocoon 2Edit

Mu once again provides commentary for the arena battles, except this time with more to-the-point lines, and slightly less chance of hearing one per action.

Lines with [???] in them are ones I am unsure of, as quite a bit of Mu's dialogue is hard to understand, and the Battle Arena has no subtitles in this game.

Quote Conditions
"This has been Mu - the ringside announcer!"
"The match has begun!"
Gameplay begins.
"They are looking serious!"
"Cheers are flying!"
"They are quite furious!"
"This is an unexpected turn..."
"I cannot look away!"
"They are moving well!"
"[???] We have some [...] battling... I'd like to do some myself!"
"Their movements are tight!"
"The tension is thick!"
"I was about to forget the play-by-play and cheer myself!"
"They are holding well!"
A round has started.
"This is a good turn."
"One step ahead - one back - what's next?!"
"This is a non-aggressive turner!"
"It's taken a fierce turn!"
A round has started. These lines pertain to the players styles of play.
"Skillful attack!"
"That's great!"
"It's a KO!"
A Divine Beast is KO'ed - including Instant Death.
"BeastHunter is undefended!" A Divine Beast in the centre position of a formation is KO'ed.
"Health is restored." A Divine Beast has used a HP drain attack (such as Yagiluna).
"Health is restored!" A Divine Beast has used a HP recovery move (such as Medinite).
"Wall appears - Beasts protected!" A Divine Beast has used a barrier spell (such as Barrian).
"A solid recovery!" A Divine Beast uses a HP Regen spell (such as Limenate).
"It's poisoned! This'll wear it down..." A Divine Beast is poisoned.
"It's been blinded - its attacks won't hit now!" A Divine Beast is blinded.
"He's about to fall!"
"He's really hurt!"
"A big hit!"
A Divine Beast drops to below 25% HP.
"[???]My, why didn't that hit?!"
"He's okay - it wasn't touched."
A Divine Beast's move misses.
"He's survived! ...'till the next turn."
"Spirit! Tremendous spirit!"
Fossa Magna landed. May also be Drops to below 25% HP.
"Damages its neighbour too!"
"Hits its neighbour too!"
"[???]Huh, did that not score?"
A Divine Beast is hit by a multi-target Skill attack (such as Shockwave)
"Defence power's down!" A Divine Beast uses a defence debuff move (such as Samakilna).
"Defence power up!"
"Defence is up!"
A Divine Beast uses a defence buffing move, or Mitrea.
"Speed has been boosted!" A Divine Beast uses a speed buffing move, or Mitrea.
"Critical hit!" A Divine Beast scores a Critical Hit.
"Deadly attack!" A Divine Beast uses a self-damaging attack (such as Kamikaze Hit).
"Ooh, a death attack!" A Divine Beast uses an Instant Death attack (such as Ad Mumarnite).
"Player 1 won!"
"East has won!"
Player 1 wins. (on points?)
"Player 2 won!"
"West has won!"
Player 2 wins. (on points?)