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  • Hi, welcome to Jade Cocoon Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Arpatron page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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    • That's something I could try and look into, and maybe find a better hex editor than HxD that will actually give me some labels to look at, instead of a jumbled mess like HxD does...

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    • After much digging around, I can come to only two conclusions:

      1) The game's ROM is unhackable. Without knowing what the f*** is going on in there, I can't begin to edit it or anything.

      2) The game's ROM is possibly hackable, with the proper hex editor and labels to easily find what you're looking for.

      I went through four hex editors, and none did the trick. A program called ps2dis, which surprisingly is compatible with both PS2 and PS1 games, gives off actual labels, but they're all just technical labels. ps2dis was my best hope, but to no shock whatsoever, it did nothing to help. Hmm... you remember jim_reaper95, right? Well, if you do, maybe he'd know something? I have been trying to contact him for months and I still have not any reply back from him. Maybe something's keeping him away from the computer at this time. Oh well. If it's unhackable, Genki did a hell of a good job.

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