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Basic Intel

Element: Wind
Genus: Bug
DB Number: 17
Stage: Larval
Location: Wind Forest
Egg Location: N/A
Exp. Rate Growth: Normal
Personality: Pragmatic

Seed Beast

Seed Beast(s)

This Divine Beast has no associated Seed Beasts.

Related Seed Beast(s)

This Divine Beast has no related Seed Beasts.

Stats & Description


HP: D Rank
MP: C Rank

Stat Graph

Beast Notebook Description

Smart and good at magic, it has good qualities but is slow to grow. Takes a long time to be on it's own.

Base Stats

HP 5220 MP 6460 Strength 1040 Vitality 760
Wisdom 1620 Spirit 1620 Speed 1800

Growth Rates

HP 261 MP 323 Strength 52 Vitality 38
Wisdom 81 Spirit 81 Speed 90

Status Resistances

Petrify 0% Poison 0%
Stun 0% Confuse 0%
Sleep 0% Blind 0%
Instant Death 0%



Birth Skill


Main Skill(s)


Associated Skill(s)



Birth Magic

Main Magic

Associated Magic

Items Dropped


Not currently known


Not currently known

Name Origin

  • Ly may come from Light or Lightning, which may reference it's main magic series Malti, which are a group of lightning/thunder magic spells. Bug obviously comes from the name of this Divine Beast's Genus. ch is standard for most Larval Divine Beasts.

Related Minions


Extended Family


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