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Level is a measure of development for both Minions and Levant and play an important role in the game and it's progression. By gaining Experience points, Levant and his minions can increase their level, called levelling up. It has impact on:

Damage CalculationEdit

The Level is part of the Damage Calculation formula as (Level/3 + 1). Increasing the Level increases damage dealt.

Mana regenerationEdit

After defending, a minion regains round down((Level/4)+3) points of Mana.

Body growthEdit

Main article: Growth Levels

HP and Mana balanceEdit

See Growth Rate#HP and Mana balance for details.

Probability of capturing minionsEdit

The higher Levant's Capture Level, the more often he will be able to capture minions successfully. It has also effect on his flute tune and defines his capture rank:

Capture Level Capture Rank Capture Rank (Demo)
1-3 Apprentice Pupil
4-7 Novice Apprentice
8-11 Adept
12-15 Immaculate
16-19 Hero
20-30 Champion
31-34 Vindicator
35-39 Conqueror
40+ Developer