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Basic Intel

ID: D0

Species growth rates

Attack 190 Defense 170
Magic Attack 190 Magic defense 170
Speed 130 6th stat 100

Damage Modifiers

Fire 0 Air 0
Earth 0 Water 0
Poison 32 Sleep 48
Flesh-To-Stone 32 Instant Death/Critical 32
Absorption 32 Standard Attacks 0


Weakest Form


Fully Grown (downscaled image)


Appearance in the Eternal Corridor

Klarrgas appears in every 8th Corridor stage. Rarely drops a Tendai Uyaku. After defeating it, there is a chance to obtain its skin which can be used when merging minions. This minion's skin has the skinventory-ID 7.

In battle

All bosses in the Eternal Corridor use infinite Mana, which allows them to use their attacks as often as they wish. Uses its Horn - Flesh-To-Stone + Accuracy, Fang - Sleep + Accuracy and Claw - Poison + Accuracy attacks in order to cause several negative status to unaware players.

Hints on defeating this boss

As it is completely imuune to elemental sources and standard attacks, it takes only 1 damage from these attacks. A merged minion resistant against the three possible status can disrupt Klarrgas' strategy, nullifying possible problems. Sel Selahm can temporarily cause the same effect. Use negative status attacks or absorb its HP to defeat it, or score a Critical and finish it off.


  • It is the only minion completely resistant to elements and standard attacks, making it a feared enemy.

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