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Basic Intel

Hexadecimal ID: C4
Finding places: Unobtainable minion

Species Growth Rates

Attack 160 Defense 170
Magic Attack 40 Magic defense 50
Speed 130 6th stat 90

Status Damage Modifiers

Poison 32 Sleep 32
Flesh-To-Stone 32 Instant Death/Critical 32


Weakest Form


Fully Grown (downscaled image)


Fighting Techniques

Special Attacks

  • Horn - Water Attack
  • Fang - ---- + Critical
  • Claw - ---- + Power
  • Tail - ---- + Accuracy
  • Foot - All Enemies


  • None

Items Dropped


  • None


  • None

Related Minions

Close Relative


  • Ketow's relative Tweengo later appears in Jade Cocoon 2 (spelled Twingo), albeit as an Earth-type Minion under the Gara genus, though Water-types also appear in the game but obviously with a different name.
  • Ketow and it's relatives share very similar skin designs and colours with the -Baran family of minions from the -Dreg genus, such as Raddreg and Patbaran, despite not being part of the necessary group of minions to make it.

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