Jade Cocoon 2 (玉繭物語2, Tamamayu Monogatari Tsū?, literally "The Story of the Jade Cocoon 2") is a 2001 Role Playing Game for the PlayStation 2 and sequel to Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu by Genki. The game features a full 3D polygonal world, 200 cutscenes, and full voice-overs. The character designs for the game were by Katsuya Kondō, character designer for the first game as well as the Studio Ghibli films Kiki's Delivery Service and I Can Hear the Sea.


Jade Cocoon 2's plot occurs about a century after the events in the original Jade Cocoon. The time of the Nagi people and "cocoon masters" has passed. New "cocoon masters" are now cited as "beasthunters" and are the prominent force of monster raising, with the player playing one named Kahu who visits the Temple of Kemuel (also called the Jade Temple) in the hopes of becoming a beasthunter and having adventures like the old cocoon masters he's idolized. However, Kahu encounters trouble during his license exam required to become a full-fledged beast-hunter. He encounters a young fairy named Nico, who leaves Kahu cursed, and he's given a very short time to live before his body is consumed by evil. Fortunately, Kemuel Temple's resident guardian and founder, Levant - the hero of the original Jade Cocoon - offers Kahu a chance to heal himself. By utilizing the four magical orbs found in the heart of the elemental forests and a dark lute, Levant will be able to save Kahu's life. Kahu now sets off on his adventure, to save himself and eventually, the world. Other characters from the first Jade Cocoon also appears, like Kikinak, who became a rich shopkeeper thanks to Levant. A statue of Mahbu, the Nagi Maiden, can also be seen at the room where Levant is.


Jade Cocoon 2 - Japanese Advertisement05:49

Jade Cocoon 2 - Japanese Advertisement

A disc-only advertisement for the game. This features a beta build of the Japanese version of the game.

This special advertisement for the game was meant to be played in stores and purchased from special kiosks as a way to hype up the game. Through playing the disc on an actual console or emulator, the advertisement plays in an endless loop until you reset the console/emulator. It also mentions features within the Japanese version of the game only, including, most notably, the i-Mode functionality, and item transfer between the game and one's mobile phone.

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