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Basic Intel

Element: Water
Genus: Slimy
DB Number: 42
Stage: Basic
Location: N/A
Egg Location: Water Forest
Exp. Rate Growth: Slow
Personality: Sly

Seed Beast

Seed Beast(s)

This Divine Beast has no associated Seed Beasts.

Related Seed Beast(s)

This Divine Beast has no related Seed Beasts.

Stats & Description


HP: D Rank
MP: B Rank

Stat Graph

Beast Notebook Description

Using its powerful jump, it attacks prey from above with its long tongue. There are similar Earth types.

Base Stats

HP 6875 MP 10000 Strength 1750 Vitality 1375
Wisdom 1250 Spirit 1875 Speed 1375

Growth Rates

HP 275 MP 400 Strength 70 Vitality 55
Wisdom 48 Spirit 85 Speed 55

Status Resistances

Petrify 50% Poison 50%
Stun 50% Confuse 75%
Sleep 75% Blind 75%
Instant Death {{{Instant Death Resistance (%)}}}%



Birth Skill

Main Skill(s)

Associated Skill(s)



Birth Magic


Main Magic


Associated Magic

Items Dropped


Not currently known


Not currently known

Name Origin

  • The name Geloper may be a corrupted form of galloper, a non-existent noun form of the word gallop, a word used to describe quadrepeds (usually horses) and the way they run at a fast pace with all their feet off of the ground after each stride. Considering Geloper doesn't gallop to move, and looks more like it's hopping, Geloper could be derived from the words Gel or Jel (as in Jelly) and hopper, describing it's presumably slimy skin (in-line with this Divine Beast's Genus), characteristic of most types of frogs & toads in real-life and the way Geloper actually moves in the game.

Related Minions


Extended Family



  • Despite being one of the default Seed Beasts in Jade Cocoon 2, due to a programming oversight, a second one is found in Water Visit 4. This is believed to be due to the seed beast Niloper being taken out of rotation by mistake, leaving the player's Divine Beasts unable to merge to learn Power Steal, though the ability Magic Talent can still be attained by merging a Divine Beast with the Nilibuzz or Rutide seed beasts. This was corrected in hunkster2's patch of the game called Jade Cocoon 2 complete, along with other additions.

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