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Garai is an elderly Nagi woman residing in Syrus Village, and a connoisseur of folk tales and traditions. The day of Syrus' festival, the village is attacked by demons known as the Onibubu (the Locusts of Apocalypse), which cause many villagers to fall into a deep slumber. She repels the Onibubu dust as best as she can with her Nagi magic before the curse affects the entire villag. Despite this, she is despised by Jibara.

After the attack, she conducts the wedding ceremony between Levant and Mahbu, and gives Levant his Father's flute. After Levant's journey to the Spider Forest, Jibara attempts to sacrifice her, believing she is Azura, the goddess of sewing souls. Levant tries to save her, but it is too late, for Garai has revealed herself as the Goddess, tying the souls of the villagers of Syrus to Levant, thus turning them to stone. 

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