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<8F Shee

91 Karn>


Basic Intel

Hexadecimal ID: 90
Finding places: Eternal Corridor

Species Growth Rates

Attack 20 Defense 10
Magic Attack 180 Magic defense 160
Speed 130 6th stat 100

Status Damage Modifiers

Poison 32 Sleep 32
Flesh-To-Stone 32 Instant Death/Critical 32


Weakest Form


Fully Grown (downscaled image)


Fighting Techniques

Special Attacks

  • Horn - ---- + Accuracy


Items Dropped



Related Minions


This minion has a different model in the Japanese release of Jade Cocoon 1:


  • Fal has the highest Special Attack growth rate of all legitimately obtainable minions. It shares this distinction with Hikisag and Amasag. It also has the lowest Defence & Attack growth rates of all legitimately obtainable minions, sharing this distinction with it's family member Shulia and Tyton, respectively (although Tyton isn't obtainable through normal gameplay).
  • Because of the above, Fal is one of the only minions to have more than one of either the highest or lowest stat growth rates.
  • Considering the look of Fal's (and by extension, it's relatives) original model, it was probably replaced in all releases outside of Japan to avoid any misconceptions of racism.

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