The Eternal Corridor (EC) is a post-game dungeon in Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu.

After completing the game's story, the player will be prompted to save the game. After loading this save file, Mu and Ra welcome Levant in the Temple of Kemuel, telling him to pass through the Kumari Gate in order to enter the Eternal Corridor (Spider Forest of the Netherworld, as well as all other Forests, will be inaccessible). They then return to their places in the Temple.

The Eternal Corridor consists of 1,000 stages. Levant will start in stage 1. Upon exiting stage 1,000, he will enter stage 999 again. Each stage consists of

  • one entrance; which does not allow Levant to leave the Corridor or return to a previous stage. The only way to exit a stage is by using the Hunter's Earring or being defeated by an enemy (this will also reset the entire dungeon to stage 1).
  • one exit to the next stage. However, in the exit Levant will be attacked by one to three special mini-boss minion(s) from a group of 8 minions.
Note: Each stage can have up to seven dead ends.


There are a total of 136 obtainable minions in the Eternal Corridor, their IDs ranging from 39 (Pataraid) to C0 (Narade). On each stage up to four different minion types can appear. Some minions that were obtainable in the main game will appear in the Eternal Corridor.

Minions start at Level 20 and increase every four stages, up to Level 26. An exception to this is found in stages 1 to 6, where some minions also appear at Level 2. Groups of three minions will begin appearing in stage 15.


There are 8 types of bosses in the Eternal Corridor. Each boss is encountered at the end of every 8th stage.

Stages Minion
1,9,17 and so on Fire Palooja
2,10,18 and so on Earth Ticker
3,11,19 and so on Water Jeechwo
4,12,20 and so on Air Kolna
5,13,21 and so on Air Sicanjal
6,14,22 and so on Water Timaios
7,15,23 and so on Water Yolga
8,16,24 and so on Fire Klarrgas

A boss' level follows the same rule as minions; they start at Level 20 and increase by 1 every four stages. At the end of stages 1 to 8 there will only be one boss. At the end of stages 9 to 16, there will be two bosses, and groups of three bosses will begin appearing at the end of stage 17.

Levant does not need to kill a boss to proceed, retreating is enough. However, if he defeats them, he might be rewarded with Secret 1 from Palooja, Tendai Uyaku from any boss except Palooja, or a boss Skin. Skins can be used during Merges to replace the existing skin of a minion.