The Eternal Corridor (EC for short) is a place/feature that becomes available after the player completes the main story of Jade Cocoon.


After completing the game's story, the player will be prompted to save the game. After loading this save file, Mu and Ra welcome Levant in the Kemuel Temple, telling him to pass through the Kumari Gate which now leads to the Eternal Corridor. They then return to their places in the Temple. The Spider Forest of the Netherworld will hence be inaccessible, just like all other forests.

The Eternal Corridor is divided into many stages. Levant will start with stage 1 and can access higher stages by completing those before them. Each stage consists of

  • one entrance; which does not allow Levant to leave the Corridor or go to the lower stage. He can only exit with the Hunter's Earring or by being knocked out.
  • up to seven dead ends.
  • one exit to the next stage. However, in the exit Levant will be attacked by one to three special mini-boss minion(s) from a group of 8 minions.

If the stage is not simply a short path between entrance and exit, Levant will face several junctions. Those either lead directly into dead ends, or deeper into the stage.

Although called eternal, it actually is not, more or less. Upon completing corridor stage 1000, the player is put back into stage 999. In this sense it is eternal. However, it becomes incredibly hard and exhausting to climb that far, as the Corridor stages become harder over time, up to a limit. Also, once Levant will be knocked out, hence forced to leave the area, has to start all over again.


Regular minionsEdit

On the stages, minions with IDs ranging from 39 (Pataraid) to C0 (Narade) will appear. This means many minions (Marrdreg to Jirahl) will be unobtainable in the Eternal Corridor. On each stage up to four different minion species can appear.

The levels of the minions start with Level 20, which increases every four stages, up to 26. Also, through stages 2 to 6, some minions appear with a level 2 version of themselves, which is easy to capture and good to train, as stats grow better if the minion is leveled instead of captured at a high level. Starting with stage 7, these groups will consist of two adults instead. From stage 15 on, the groups can consist of three minions. Getting caught from behind by such a minion group can mean quick doom to Levant if he is on low health.

Mini-boss minionsEdit

There are 8 mini-bosses in the Eternal Corridor. They follow a cycle which repeats evey 8 stages.

Stages Minion
1,9,17 and so on Fire Palooja
2,10,18 and so on Earth Ticker
3,11,19 and so on Water Jeechwo
4,12,20 and so on Air Kolna
5,13,21 and so on Air Sicanjal
6,14,22 and so on Water Timaios
7,15,23 and so on Water Yolga
8,16,24 and so on Fire Klarrgas

Their levels follow the rule of the regular minions: they start with level 20 and increase this every four stages. However, from stage 1 to 8 there is always one of them. Between 9 and 16, two of them will attack. From 17 on, they always come in as three.

Levant does not need to kill them to proceed, retreating is enough. However, if he defeat them, he might be rewarded with Secret 1 (Palooja only), Tendai Uyaku (any except Palooja) or one skin of the boss minion he just defeated. They can be used for merges to replace the computational skin with this minion's skin.

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