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Enhancements are possibilities to increase the power of special attacks and spells by increasing the Efficiency of them. Every increase adds a certain percentage to the base efficiency.

Increased EfficiencyEdit

This is a phenomenon which is prevalent among the minions with IDs 0 to 38 (minions which can't be found in the Eternal Corridor and story bosses), although not every one is affected. They either add a flat 10 % to the efficiency of their Special attacks or their magic, depending on the minions posture. If a merged minion has a posture from a minion with this hidden ability, it has the enhancement of it.


These minion postures increase Special Attack efficiency:

These "minion" postures also increase Special Attack efficiency, but are unavailable to the player:


These minion postures increase Magic efficiency:


The +Power ability can only be attached to special attacks. It adds a flat 30 % to the efficiency of the special attack.

Good Arena PropertiesEdit

The Arena's element is often changed by casting a Deva spell like Deva Vali, but in some boss fights the element is locked from the beginning. It adds a flat 60 % to the efficiencies of special attacks and spells of the same element.