"Elrihm - God of the Forest and source of all life, he released his servants, the Divine Spirits up to the lands. He spoke: "I am that which is giving you life." For a time they brought life and happiness to the forest - soon the forest was visited by fate. The Divine Spirits created a beast of their own image. Elrihm warned: "That is the Beast of knowledge, and it will someday bring temptation upon thee. Thou shalt not associate with it." The Divine Spirits so promised and gave birth to the beast of their own image. Such was Man's beginning. Time passed, and the forest was again visited by fate. A Divine Spirit was seduced by the Beast of knowledge - and so the promise to Elrihm was broken. The Spirit lost his divine power and by the child of the Man and spirit, it was gained. This new power threatened Elrihm - and so is divided into light and darkness."

- narrator voice in the intro video


  • "Elrihm" probably comes from the word "Elohim", the hebrew word for "god".

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