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Efficiencies (Eff for short) define the strength of special attack/spell groups and are part of the Damage Calculation Formula. The standard attack serves with 100% Eff as guideline.

An Efficiency defines the strength of attacks when the appropriate Element Ratio is 8. Also, there are enhancements which have to be added to the Eff.

Special Attack/Spell group Efficiency
Elemental special attacks (Wind Attack, Water Attack, etc.) 120%
Single-target weak spells (Malti, Vahli, etc.) 100%
All-target spells (Maltis, Vahlis, etc.) 95%
Single-target strong spells (Maltia, Vahlia, etc.) 140%
Hidden boss spells 90%
Poison, Flesh-To-Stone, Sleep, Absorp HP, Break Legs, Rend Wings 120%
All Enemies 160%


Main article: Enhancement

Enhancement type Bonus to Eff
Increased Eff +10%
+Power +30%
Good Arena Properties +60%