Rank C Element Wind Move Type Skill MP Cost 25MP
Range Single Power 13 Power Type Attack Seed Beast Peepr
In-Game Description Blind + L damage, SK

Dark Attack is a Wind-type skill from Jade Cocoon 2 that can inflict the blind status condition, as well as damage the target.

It has a 50% success rate and once inflicted, the Divine Beast in question will be blinded for 3 turns, and has a 70% chance of missing. The ability Blind X increases the chance of missing by 10%.

Dark Hit has an efficiency of 52 attack per 100MP.

The magic spell Saskand can also inflict blind with a 50% success rate. It is currently not known what the missing chance is exactly, though is said to be either 60% or 70%, which would make it the equivalent of either Dark Shot or Dark Attack.

The blind status can also be inflicted by use of a Cloud Book or a Pitchdark Book. The Shadowdance and Dark Cloud jewellery can also inflict blindness.

Moves that inflict the blind status can be stopped by Skill Bind, making the beast in question unable to use them and use a standard attack instead.

A blinded beast can be cured by a Selahm-type spell. The Hawk Eye jewellery can also cure confusion.

Hoho and Clalco have an additional 25% and 50% resistance to blindness, respectively. The ability Resist Blind adds 100% blindness resistance to the Divine Beast (as well as 50% resistance to confusion and sleep). The ability Confuse Guard and Resist Sleep both add a 50% resistance to blindness, as well as other resistances. The ability Water Power adds 40% resistance to blindness as well as all other status conditions.

Move SeriesEdit

ADark Crash
CDark Attack
DDark Shot
EDark Hit

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