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Damage Calculation in Jade Cocoon requires 8 variables and constants:

Of the attacking minion:

  1. Attack if the used attack is no spell, Magic Attack if it is a spell
  2. Level
  3. Efficiency
  4. Element Ratio if the attack is elemental
  5. boolean IsPoisoned

Of the Defending minion:

  1. Defense if the used attack is no spell, Magic Defense if it is a spell
  2. Damage Modifier of the attacks type
  3. boolean IsDefending and IsSleeping

The formulaEdit

This formula works for battles between minions only. If Levant is involved, the rules change. (Currently unknown)

Damage = 3 / 20 *((Magic) Attack^1.5/(Magic) Defense^0.5) * (Level/3+1) * (DamageModifier/32) * (2/(2+3*IsDefending)) * ((IsSleeping+5)/5) * Efficiency * (10-3*IsPoisoned)/10 * 4-th root(Element ratio/8) + Rnd*


  • Decimal places of (Magic)Attack/Defense are ignored.
  • Attack and Magic Attack max at 99 points. 100 points are possible, however it will still be calculated with 99 points.

Increasing own damage outputEdit

These methods increase the damage minions can deal:

  • Increase (Magic) Attack value / Level
  • Increase the special attacks / spells efficiency
  • Put enemy to sleep
  • Have high element ratios for elemental special attacks / spells of the same element

Decreasing damage takenEdit

These methods decrease the damage minions will take:

  • Increase (Magic) Defense value
  • Poison the enemy
  • Decrease damage modifiers through merging - however, mostly increases other DM's
  • Defend