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Basic Intel

Element: Wind
Genus: Alco
DB Number: 11
Stage: Evolved
Location: Wind Patina, Water Tier
Egg Location: N/A
Exp. Rate Growth: Normal
Personality: Bully

Seed Beast

Seed Beast(s)

This Divine Beast has no associated Seed Beasts.

Related Seed Beast(s)

This Divine Beast has no related Seed Beasts.

Stats & Description


HP: C Rank
MP: C Rank

Stat Graph

Beast Notebook Description

Found in the Wind Patina, its sharp turns make it quite a unique character.

Base Stats

HP 9990 MP 7980 Strength 1710 Vitality 1140
Wisdom 2280 Spirit 2010 Speed 3150

Growth Rates

HP 333 MP 260 Strength 53 Vitality 38
Wisdom 76 Spirit 67 Speed 1250

Status Resistances

Petrify 0% Poison 0%
Stun 0% Confuse 0%
Sleep 0% Blind 0%
Instant Death 0%



Birth Skill


Main Skill(s)


Associated Skill(s)



Birth Magic

Main Magic

Associated Magic


Items Dropped


Not currently known


Not currently known

Name Origin

  • Brollo may come the name of various aircraft pilots. pelan may be a corruption of "peler", as in "propeller" which is a type of fan that transmits power by converting rotational motion into thrust. A propeller features heavily on most airplanes, which Brollopelan is based on. The word "propel" may also be of influence, which means to drive or push something forward.

Related Minions


Extended Family



  • This Divine Beast has an additional 25% Status Resistance to sleep.


  • Brollopelan (and it's evolutions and relatives, minus Mechalcoch and Deprolcoch) are the only Divine Beasts not based on an animal, plant or mythological creature, instead being based on a human invention.

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